Animal Hours makes dreamy indie-pop songs draped in lush harmonies, wrapped in a blanket of Americana. A collective of San Francisco Bay Area writers and artists, Animal Hours is the conception of singer-songwriter Orion Letizi with collaborators Heather Anderson (Blue Rabbit), Adrianne Serna and Paul Goldowitz.

Animal Hours released its debut record, Do Over in 2014.  Produced by Grammy-winning, multi-platinum producer Jason CarmerDo Over is a collection of nine songs about losing everything we were to find exactly what we need.

“Darkly enticing pop music with hints of folk and Americana skirting around the edges… [Music] you listen to with the lights off, just you and the contemplative melody, wholly embracing that sadly-sweet darkness and letting the music lead you through it.”
—Nicholas Schneider, The Bay Bridged

“[like] staying at your aunt’s farm house and leaning out the bedroom to the rising sun and smell of fresh dew… Do Over is expected to do well.”
—Lina Alam, WVAU, Washington, D.C.

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