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Animal Hours Reviewed on The Bay Bridged


“Darkly enticing pop music with hints of folk and Americana skirting around the edges. Take ‘Submarine,’ a track off their debut album Do Over: gorgeous harmonies bolstering a haunting chorus, swooning strings and a lachrymose guitar line that’s sure to pull at the heartstrings.  It’s a song you listen to with the lights off, just you and the contemplative melody, wholly embracing that sadly-sweet darkness and letting the music lead you through it.”

— Nicholas Schneider, The Bay Bridged

Animal Hours Live on KSRO


I represented Animal Hours live on Steve Jaxon’s show The Drive on KSRO last week with Daedalus Howell. Because it was Wine Wednesday, we drank some wine and I played “Truly Sorry” (because there’s a part in the bridge that serves as a great conversation hook–and a good opportunity to show off). Singing live on the radio is pretty awesome––especially to 200,000 listeners.

The good folks at  Foppiano Vinyards (one of whom sports a righteously long and regal, chest-grazing beard) brought some excellent 2011 vintage libations to share. After the show, we decamped to do the only sensible thing: drink more wine… and talk about playing music really loud.

In the haze of smoke and good spirits, Steve asked me to come back and bring the whole band (Kevin “MF” Weber, Andrew Lion, Matt Baxter, and Ruthie Dineen) to play live on the show. I did a quick poll of the band and the consensus was, “FUCK YEAH!”

So—look for us live on The Drive in the coming weeks!

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