Challenged Video

Video for the song Challenged from the 2014 Animal Hours record “Do Over” now available on iTunes: http://bit.ly/animal-hours-do-over-itunes

We are the challenged
Trying again to make it right
Through stony days and lonely nights

We are like islands
Trying to reach across the sea
I think I see you, do you see me?

We start like flowers, closed and small
But when we bloom we’re ten feet tall
We stretch to the sky to see it all
Sometimes we fall

Maybe we’ll make it
Thousands of miles away from home
Maybe we’ll burn up in the air up there

We are like flowers in the sky
We burst into bloom over two miles high
We sail the clouds as we say goodbye
Before we die

We have a moment
To shine the stars from a distant past
We can make it count but we can’t make it last at last

We are the flowers shaped like suns
Shining our light with everyone
Burning so bright ‘til we come undone
As we all become

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