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Animal Hours Interview by KDUP Music Director Mason Lindblad

I had a great chat with KDUP music director Mason Lindblad the other day and he’s just posted it online. I felt a little weird talking about myself for that long, but we had a good time and covered a lot of interesting ground including art, the craft of writing, my next record release, and growing up in a dome in the middle of nowhere with a very small sample of popular culture frozen in 1975 as the base for an overarching songwriting aesthetic.

Animal Hours in Foundwaves Magazine

Foundwaves Magazine, a Boston and SF Bay Area based music magazine and website, covered our show at the Stork Club on September 18th.

They took some great footage of us and Grow & Twine. You can watch a video of us playing Yellow Roses on the Foundwaves website ›

About Foundwaves

From their Faceboook profile:

Foundwaves is a nonprofit with a mission of supporting and promoting local live music scenes, expanding participation through collaborations with members of other creative disciplines, and fostering the creation of original content.

Animal Hours Live on KSRO

Daedalus Howell had us on KSRO’s The Drive today. Adrianne and I showed up for some lively banter, wine drinking and song singing.

Listen to recordings of the broadcast below.

Part One

Part Two

Animal Hours Reviewed on The Bay Bridged


“Darkly enticing pop music with hints of folk and Americana skirting around the edges. Take ‘Submarine,’ a track off their debut album Do Over: gorgeous harmonies bolstering a haunting chorus, swooning strings and a lachrymose guitar line that’s sure to pull at the heartstrings.  It’s a song you listen to with the lights off, just you and the contemplative melody, wholly embracing that sadly-sweet darkness and letting the music lead you through it.”

— Nicholas Schneider, The Bay Bridged